Revitalizing kit


Revitalize body, mind and spirit!

The bath salts are composed of essential oils and pure salt from the Zipaquira Salt Cathedral, with exfoliating, anti-inflammatory and cleansing properties; they also moisturize your skin thanks to the pure oils. You only have to submerge your feet in a bowl of warm water, to which you add 2 teaspoons of bath salt. Let it act on your feet for as long as you wish (minimum 10 minutes).

To relax and pamper your skin and senses

If what you want is to pamper yourself and relieve muscle tension, all you have to do is use our Vigua Essential Salt, a 100% natural product obtained from the Zipaquira Salt Mine, which will allow you to improve blood circulation, relax muscles contracted by stress, reaffirm, tone the skin and help eliminate cellulite.
It is a relaxing bath, but above all it is anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, favoring the circulatory system.

For daily use

We have included the wonderful Herbal Blend essential oil, it has an aromatizing effect, helps to relax muscles, joints and relieves headaches, you can also use it with our Almond Base Oil for relaxing massages and to relieve muscle aches, it contains soothing and nourishing properties that are easily absorbed by the skin.

The power of plants

The herbal ointment concentrates the best properties of nature, very useful for warming massages, has a rubefacient and sedative action, effective for treating colds and flu.



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Revitalizing kit