Vigua Salt


Vigua salt (natural salt or virgin salt in the Quechua language) has important beneficial properties for our body. In addition, as it comes from the entrails of mother earth at 180 meters below ground level, it is an incredible natural source of energy.

You can use it as follows:

  • Therapeutically: mixed with water and vaporized, it clears the respiratory tract; it is a natural antiseptic; by means of mouthwash it fights oral infections.
  • Relieves joint pain: it works wonders to relieve tired feet; diluted in warm water it is an exceptional natural muscle relaxant.
  • On an energetic level: Vigua salt is a generator of life and a natural source of positive energy; as a decorative element it is a beautiful, unique and natural ancestral piece that, coming from the entrails of a mountain of salt, is a natural source of balance, energy and purification.

Contents: 2 units x 80 gr



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Vigua Salt